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Wireless/Cell Phone Recycling

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Go Green & Earn Some Green! Earn 50 cents per cell phone, working or scrap cell phone.

How It Works

Collect used cell phones and earn 50 cents per phone working or scrap cell phone for your organization!

100% FREE Recycling Fundraiser Program!

We supply collection boxes to make collecting easier!

We will imprint your organization’s custom message on the collection box!
For example: “Cell Phone Recycling Supports St. George Church”

Place the collection box in a secure high traffic area at your facility and get the word out regularly via newsletters and announcements to your members or students to donate their old phones.

For best results your organization should actively request cell phone donations rather than passively waiting or placing your collection box out and hoping that it gets filled.

Collection Methods:
• Ask local businesses to donate their employees’ company issued old cell phones.
• Canvass your community neighborhood…most households generally have 3 - 4 old cell phones!
• Offer a “dress down day” if your school has a dress code for those students that bring in cell phones for a donation.

CRC provides prepaid return shipping boxes to return your collected cell phones!
Simply remove the “return shipping box insert” when the box is full. (NO SORTING OR ITEMIZING REQUIRED)
Tape the “return shipping box” shut and give it to any UPS driver for shipping. Your cell phone collection box remains with you.

We will always keep you in good supply of “return shipping boxes”. Just request them on your “return form”.

Checks are sent along with an itemized receiving report within 2 weeks of processing your cell phone.

It is that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Simply call us at 877-355-4219 and we’ll send out your FREE collection materials!

Q: How much does Cartridge Recycling Center (CRC) pay for Cell Phones?
A: CRC pays $0.50/phone (old or scrap cell phones). For newer smart cell phones we recommend selling them at gazelle.com.

Q: How long does it take to get paid?
A: Payments are mailed within two weeks of processing your cell phones.

Q: Is there any cost to us?
A: Absolutely NOT! Everything is 100% FREE!

Q: Who pays for shipping?
A: We do. We provide prepaid “return shipping boxes” along with your collection box. Simply fill the “return shipping box” with cell phones and give it to any UPS driver, the shipping is prepaid.

Q: What does Cartridges Recycling Center do with our phones?
A: The majority of phones collected are able to be refurbished and reused, the rest are shredded and refined for the raw materials. Cartridge Recycling Center maintains a Zero Land Fill policy so none of your phones will end up in a land fill.

Q: Is the stored data on the phone erased?
A: Yes, for phones that are able to be refurbished the data is erased via software and manual reset procedures. Older scrap phones are sent for shredding so the data is erased by the actual destruction of the phone. For individuals concerned about their stored personal data we recommend erasing the data before donating. The process is simple and can generally be found in the cell phone’s menu or manual.

Q: Do we need to itemize the phones we are sending?
A: No, CRC will send you send an itemized list of the phones received along with your payment. Cell phone model numbers are often hard to find or non-existent so we recommend you leave it to us however the ultimate decision is yours.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity of cell phones needed to ship?
A: Since we do not require that you itemize the cell phones you are sending we simply ask that the “return shipping box” is full of cell phones before shipping it. If you want to count them a minimum quantity of 30 phones is desired to reduce our incremental shipping costs.

Q: Is there any special packaging instructions?
A: None really, simply pack newspaper or other packing material to make sure the phones are snug in the box.

Q: Do we take the battery with the phone?
A: Yes, we want the battery and battery cover belonging to the phone but do not want extra batteries. If the cell phone battery is not available for the donated phone CRC will still accept the phone.

Q: Do you take chargers and accessories?
A: In general we DO NOT. We prefer just the phone and its battery.

Q: Is there any time limitation with the program.
A: No, the program is continuous year-round.


It is estimated the average US household has 3-4 inactive cell phones.

It is estimated that over 500 million inactive cell phones are lying in “junk drawers” across America.

Cartridge Recycling Center maintains a “ZERO LANDFILL” policy on all materials handled!

Consider the following:
Studies have shown an average U.S. household has 3-4 inactive cell phones!
It is estimated 500 million inactive cell phones are lying in "junk drawers" across America!

The majority of cell phones collected are refurbished and reused!
Any phones not usable are shredded and refined for the reclamation of the raw materials (plastic, copper, silver, gold, etc).

CRC only uses R2 Certified refining facilities for processing.


We pay a price of $0.50 per cell phone for older working or scrap wireless cell phones.

Call Now For Free Collection Materials!
A live person will answer!
(Monday - Friday
9am - 5pm EST)

Please feel free to call 877 355-4219 if you have any questions or comments (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST).